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The Golden Globes 2013
Celeb hair envy - Diana Agron
Ponytail - With a twist!
Celeb Hair Envy....Emma Stone
The '3 pony upstyle'


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The Golden Globes 2013

Awards season......
The Golden Globes 2013
I love when awards season kicks off so I can spend hours doing 'research' for my Job and unashamedly judge celebs on their appearance!!!
So first off, the Golden Globes......
Major trend - structured Curls swept over one shoulder...
Worn by Megan Fox, Isla Fisher & Heidi Klum
The winner is...
Jessica Alba!
Then there was the Toussled Top Knot.....
Worn here by Catherine McPhee & Gulianna Rancic
But If I had to pic  a fave it would be Eva..... Loved her up style
And then there were a few that caught my eye.....
Zooey DesChanel, Michelle Dockery And Julianna Hough all did well in the hair stakes in my humble opinion...
Lucy Liu - I hated with her dress, although seperate from it, I like the hair. Maybe for a more informal affair!
Then there was Tina Fay!!! What A contrast! I love her look for the red carpet and then she changed it up a little when presenting!
Love her!!!
Join me on my Facebook Page & let me know who you thought stood out at the 'Globes' last night.........
Sian xxx'

Celeb hair envy - Diana Agron

Celeb hair envy
Diana Agron
Star of Glee, Diana Agron wears the classic low bun so well. Soft and simple and a popular choice for bridesmaids this year...
Her porcelain skin and  flawless makeup compliments the look...
And here she has a vitage inspired look which I really love. Perfect for a bride who feels more comfortable having hair around the shoulders.
And again , half up half down with a slightly more modern look through the top...
Not always going for the angelic look, Diana vamps it up here at the grammy's. Choosing a much stronger style with her hair and her makeup - Love!
Even with her shorter style, which I love, she shows how versatile you can be ...
And to finish - My Fave!
This is such a beautiful, soft hairstyle. Again her dewy, luminous makeup is gorgeous with the the look.
The fishtail braid is one of the easiest to do ( Believe it or not!) and here she has just braided pieces of hair and pinned them in to place rather then french plaiting the hair. So it could be quite a easy one to recreate your self.....
I'm off to see how I get on!
Sian xxx

Ponytail - With a twist!

With a twist!
Step 1 - Roughly secton off the crown area & Backcomb the roots...
Step 2 - Smoothen over the backcombed hair and secure in place with a twist.
Step 3 - Take half of the remaining hair below the crown and twist in to the center, below the first piece you secured
Step 4 - Do the same on the other side
Hiding your bobby pins is the key to a professional looking updo. For this style you need to slide the pins along the inside of your rolls.
Thanks to Alyson Smyth -www.alysonmakeup .com   and to my beautiful model Emma Liang
Sian x

Celeb Hair Envy....Emma Stone

Celeb Hair Envy...
Saw Emma Stone this month in Vogue and decided that she is defo one of the more likeable celebs! She seems like a really cool girl and I want her to be my friend! 
Plus her hair is always fab!
Loved the 60's inspired look in her vogue shoot  and I love her colour here...
She can pull off blonde and red so well - I think the warmer tones suit her best.
From Hollywood Glam to Vogue cover girl she always looks amazing.
Now she Spidermans Mrs. with yer man from 'the social network' she seems to have opted for the more serious role and a demure blonde look.....
Nice to see she still doesn't take herself too seriously!
Sian x

The '3 pony upstyle'

The '3 pony upstyle'
Roughly seperate the top section of the hair, from the top of the ears in to a 'V' shape just above the occipital bone (the lumpy rounded bit above the nape of your neck!!!)
Separate and secure the under section in to two ponytails...
Then secure the top section with a bobbin, covering the parting from the bottom two ponytails.
Backcomb the roots and mid-lengths of each ponytail....
Now for the tricky bit!!! Taking medium sized sections of the hair, start to loop and pin around the ponytails, leaving out the ends of the hair (curled in advance) to give a softer finish. 
Keep pinning until you're happy with the shape...
And there you have it, soft and slighly undone perfect for any occasion!
Good luck and let me know how you get on.... post your pics of your 3 pony upstyles on my facebook page!
For an extra bit of shape in this or any upstyle, start by giving your hair an extra bit of body by backcombing the roots around the crown. Holding small sections of hair straight up, place a fine tooth comb about one inch from the roots and push firmly twords the scalp. repeat two or three time then move on to the next section of hair.
Never push from further away from the scalp as it will end in knots, breakage and ... tears! Backcombing done correctly is great, done incorrectly can be damaging - less is more!!
Sian xxx

Chignon tutorial

The DIY chignon....
Here's a quick upstyle for you to try at home. It would be great if everyone could get the hang of a few simple things you could do with your own hair. This is the first of my summer tutorials to help you become the master of your own hair!
Perfect for a summer wedding, party or even a day at the office, give it a try and let me know how you get on....
Sian x
Start by curling your hair with a tongs, rollers, Ghd, whatever works for you. Smooth hair with a bit of a wave is much easier to work with.
Step 1 - Put your hair in a loose low ponytail
Step 2 - make a small hole with your fingers just above the bobbin
Step 3 - Using your thumb and fore finger pass the ponytail through the hole and out the back, creating a rolled effect.
Step 4 - Roll the ponytail, from the end, around your fingers.
Step 5 - Secure the roll sitting on top of the bobbin
Add a little flower for a extra finishing touch!
Thanks to Alyson Smyth for her makeup and my lovely model Emma Laing...

Hair Icons....

I look back over past fashions a lot for inspiration. I love a vintage inspired looks for weddings or big nights out. Over the years there are some women who have just stuck in my head for their flawless style and effortless beauty.... I wish I could have been their stylists!!!!
I adore this chic 1920's bob worn by Louise Brooks, still looks just as amazing nearly 100 years later!
Then we have Lana Turner.... This has to be my all time favourite hairstyle. So polished and glamorous, I adore this look I wish I could have lived in this time!
Dita Von Teese has this look down - Fab!
Then there's Brigitte Bardot. This is effortless hair that looks soft and subtle but so good!
Again this style of hair looks as good now as it did then
And of course Twiggy.... Such an Icon for the 60's. Her hair inspired a whole era and is still an inspiration today...
Amy Winehouse has to go down as one of our era's hair icons. Such an individual look that will forever be how people remember the star.
To finish a little 'did you know' fact  for ya!
Rita Hayworth was another Lady who had that vintage hair that I love. But did you know she had to go through hours of electrolysis to achieve her iconic look. Back in those days that can't have been pleasant! See in the first pic how her hair line is quite low on her forehead, she had it moved back a couple of inches and dyed red before she hit the big time. It took two painful years and cost $10 a pop.
No Pain no gain as they say!
Sian x

Celeb hair envy - Lauren Conrad

I always ask people to bring along pictures of styles they like when I'm styling their hair for an event or a wedding, so I know the sort of person they are and the kind of look they are hoping to achieve. Some one who always seems to feature in this selection is Lauren Conrad!
I think its because her hair always looks like maybe she DID do it herself.... soft, pretty and easy to wear.
Heres some of my faves....
My personal fave.... the messy bun....
Love her little pink bow!
Sian xxx

Tips for choosing your wedding hairstyle

When I was deciding how to wear my hair for my wedding I found it so hard! I couldn’t decide how I wanted to look in the pictures that would be following me around for ever more!!! I didn’t want it to bother me for the day and I wanted to feel fabulous!!!
I have worked with so many brides now who feel the same. While some brides know exactly how they want to look and just need a little help with achieving it, others need help figuring out what would suit them, their hair type and look good in pictures.
Whether you go for an ‘up-do’ or a ‘down-do’ or something in between there are pros and cons to each style…
- An updo can feel really special. You get to go all out for your wedding day and feel like a red carpet movie star!
-It wont budge for the day - you’ll probably wake up with it the next mooring!
-Your hair type doesn’t matter as much so you can easily recreate a look from a picture
-Clips and pins may get uncomfortable as the day goes on
-Some updos can look less interesting from the front.
-You may not feel ‘like yourself’ if you never wear your hair up

My Tip - If you decide to recreate a look from a picture be prepared to adjust the style to suit your face shape and image. If you like someone’s hair in a picture cover their face and have a good look at the hair… sometimes it’s the face you actually want not the hair!

All down -
-it can be so glamorous, especially if you have long hair
it can make bare shoulders feel more comfortable
- You don’t have to worry about it coming undone - because it's supposed to move around!
- It can be unpredictable and depending on your hair type may fall by the end of the long day
-Its hard to achieve lasting volume when there is no pinning
My Tip - If you decide to wear your hair all down be prepared to start off with bigger hair then you want so it has room to drop and take the advice of your stylist regarding your hair type and suitability.

Half up/ half down
- You can be confident the body will last all day
- You get the comfort of having hair around your shoulders and the security of pinning the hair in place
- if you go for curls they can still drop depending on your hair type
-It will move around and so may not stay picture perfect all day - especially if there is bad weather
To the side:
-It can soften the look to sweep it to one side
-It will look good from the front and in pictures.
-It can make a veil look offset
-In pictures, one side will look great, but the opposite side can look less exciting

My Tip -Make sure you know what side of your hair will be facing the crowd during your ceremony, and do your updo on that side. Make sure to try your veil and accessories to make sure they sit well when your hair is to the side
I always recommend gathering pictures of styles you like and even styles you don’t like. It can be hard to explain types of texture or style when your not used to using hair lingo! Pointing at picture can be way easier to understand.
If you have any questions about bridal hair or hair in general drop me a mail, I’d be happy to advise.
Sian x
Ps - thanks so  much to all my beautiful models above for sharing thier wedding pics with me - it was a pleasure to share in your big day x

Celeb hair inspiration - Jessica Alba

So, my husbands in love with her, she was back to a tiny size two days after her baby and she soooooo beautiful - but I still can't hate her!!!
When it comes to her hair, Jessica Alba always seems to get it right.....
Well nearly always.....EEEEEK!!!!!!
Phew, Even Jess gets it wrong sometimes!!!!
Sian x
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